Here is a sampling of some great responses from previous Question’s of the Week


Being a Guest Service Representative can be challenging at times. What have you found to be your biggest challenge as a Guest Service Representative and how have you overcome that challenge?

Name: Angel  – A difficult challenge I frequently face is a customer who does not know English nor Spanish. To overcome this language barrier, I open an online translator so I can better communicate with them. 

Name: Iliana  – A big challenge that has been that I must learn to be a little faster when we have many customers. The most important thing is to remain calm and provide a solution to that everyone is taken care of them the best way. 

Name: Valerie – Meeting the necessities of every client at the best possible way. You can have 5 different clients from different nationalities, and different needs. The most important thing is being understanding and helpful aside of any differences. 

Name: Tiffany – “Customers or patients that are not so nice, and continue to interrupt you and not allow you to help them. I learned it is okay not to have an answer to everything and allow the person to speak and vent their feelings, usually that’s all they want.  After that I apologize for their experience. Its very rare I stumble upon this, however when I do I reflect and create different scenarios in my mind on how I could have handled the situation differently, and share that learning experience with the rest of the team to help them if they ever cross the same sitution.”

Name: Brijain – “My biggest challenge first starting at this job was the front facing nature of the job as I am not a naturally talkative person. I overcame that interestingly enough by just helping out more and more people as that helped me gain more knowledge about the job. In my experience, it becomes a lot easier to talk with people about a problem or question they have if you either confidently have an answer to it or if not, know the process you can follow to get an answer.”

Name: Marrisa – “My biggest challenge being a Guest Services Representative is managing my emotions when I feel belittled by others. Overcoming this challenge is constant and I do so by positively affirming myself in the ways I know I need.”

Name: Jason – “I think the biggest challenge as a Guest Service Representative is trying to deal with an angry or emotional guest. The best way to overcome this is by responding to their emotions with empathy and understanding. Doing this will help the guest feel more comfortable and provide a better resolution to their problems.”

Name: Nichola – “My biggest challenge as a Guest Service Representative is dealing with the emotional aspect of how I am spoken to or treated. I am still working on overcoming this challenge but I try to dissociate to not internalize any negativity that could possibly hinder me from doing my best. If you have any questions please let me know.”


Empathy is a critical customer service skill. Why do you think empathy is so important in providing excellent customer service?

Brijian – Empathy is important to providing excellent customer service because if we cannot understand how a customer feels, we can’t take the proper steps in order to help them. If a customer is angry and we can’t tell, they will likely see that in our conversation and become even more mad. In many cases, all that is needed in order to deescalate an upset customer is someone to speak with them and demonstrate that they understand how they are feeling and will take the appropriate steps to assist them

Jane – Empathy allows workers to focus more on the customers’ needs. It also allows the customers to feel heard and valued. This will give the customers a positive experience, whether we have the answers or not.

Regeina – Empathy is important because in order to give good customer service you have to make a person feel understood and heard. Me personally, I always take a situation and think of how I would feel if it was me.

Customer Not Always Right

A guest approaches the desk for your help regarding a store location but the store he/she is inquiring about has closed. You explain to the guest the store is no longer in the mall but the guest insists he/she knows the store is in the mall. How do you handle this situation?

Name Melissa – Answer I would listen to them and bring them back behind desk with me to look up the store and its locations on the web. I would suggest other options we may have here in the mall and we could also call the number listed for this said store (1800 #) to get more information directly from the company itself. This way there is no misleading information and all the guest questions are answered correctly. Given coverage I could walk them down to the store old location.

Name Patty – Answer I would apologize for the store not being open any longer and show them that it is no longer listed on our Mall paper directory. If they continue to insist it is still in the Mall because google shows it is in Mall, I would give them the suite number and directions to that location so they can see for themselves it is no longer there. I would also give them a store(s) that may be comparable to the store they were wanting to shop in.

Name: Chhaya – Answer: I would allow the guest to speak and agree that yes, the store was once here, however with recent changes like the pandemic, the store is no longer here. I would be understanding and emphasize with the guest and not just say it’s not here. I would then apologize and search the nearest store location for the guest.

Down Time

During slow periods, what activities can you do that will benefit you,
your team, and your guests?
Please list three activities to remain busy and productive during slow periods.

Make My Day

Three little words… “Make My Day”
Please provide an example of how you made the day of one of your guests or how you made a difference to a guest’s day by being at the customer service desk?

Above and Beyond

The mission at Infoplace USA is to go ‘Above and Beyond’ in providing Excellence in Customer Service to each and every guest. Please list 5 ways your team accomplishes our mission.
  • If we see someone walking or with a walker but struggling with packages, we can see if we can help them get to Valet (if they used them) or out to their car.
  • I recently had a Guest call asking about things she could do with a visiting grandchild, after I found out the age I gave her suggestions for at the Mall and nearby attractions.
  • A Guest came in looking for Eddie Bauer which had unfortunately closed. After learning the Guest was deaf, I utilized my ASL knowledge to direct them to the nearest location.
  • If someone needs help finding the currency exchange due to them being closed, offer a bank like Zions Bank who does it without accounts.
  • Notice when someone has multiple bags and offer our larger reusable shopping bag.